Tohoku University Chatbot Mascot Design Contest

Tohoku University's official websites are trying out a new AI-driven chatbot to help users navigate and find the information they are looking for. To make the experience more engaging for users, the university is holding a mascot design and nickname contest for the chatbot.

The mascot is artificial intelligence with a friendly human touch, and will appear on the screen to respond to users who type in a question. Since it is young and still gathering data, it should come across likeable and relatable, even if it is sometimes unable to answer questions in a satisfactory way.

This contest is open to all Tohoku University students, faculty and staff.

Contest Guidelines:

- Design a mascot and give it a name
- Designs can be in black and white or colour.
- The aspect ratio of the work should be 1:1.
- Images can be hand-drawn or produced using a graphic software package.
- As the mascot will appear quite small on the screen, designs are best kept simple. Complicated or complex designs might not be visible.
- All designs should reflect Tohoku University's policy of respecting diversity and inclusion, and should not suggest a specific gender or ethnicity.

How to enter:
Apply through Google Forms. You must log in using your university account.
Deadline for Entries: 5 p.m., June 25, 2021

- Only one entry per person is allowed.
- All entries must be original works designed specifically for this contest, and must not have been previously published in Japan or abroad.
- Submissions that violate public order, moral or legal regulations, that are slanderous or defamatory, or infringe on the copyrights or rights of third parties will be disqualified.


First place: The winning entry will be adopted as the chatbot mascot! The winner
will also get a 30,000 yen Amazon gift card.
Second place: A 10,000 yen Amazon gift card
Third place: A 5,000 yen Amazon gift card

Winning entries will be chosen by a panel comprising students, faculty and staff, with all final decisions made by the Digital Transformation Project Team. The winning entry will be announced on Tohoku University's official Japanese website and Global Site in August 2021.

凯时KB88国际 in Japanese


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