Regular Alumni Events

Alumni events are held on a regular basis.

Alumni events are held on a regular basis. There are regional events run by local alumni organizations, as well as the four main events hosted by the Tohoku University Alumni Association. These will be listed a few months prior to the event being held. Members of the public who have an interest in Tohoku University are welcome to attend.

Tohoku University Homecoming Day

This is the largest alumni event on the annual calendar and is held on Tohoku University grounds during autumn. The event has a festive air and has concerts, talks, exhibitions and stalls throughout the day.

Kansai area alumni gathering

Kansai area alumni gathering: held annually in Kansai during winter.

Kanto area alumni gathering

Kanto area alumni gathering: held annually in Kanto during summer.

Kyushu area alumni gathering

Kyushu area alumni gathering: held biannually in Kyushu in autumn

Premium members social gathering

This event is held annually for members only. Annual membership costs 1,000 yen. Application forms can be downloaded from the following page:


Tohoku University Alumni Association
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